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    Say Goodbye to These 10 Home Design Trends

    comfortable kitchen, interior of a nice loft
    comfortable kitchen, interior of a nice loft

    It’s hard to think of today’s decor trends with anything other than a myopic view. We have finally perfected interior design! you might think, smugly ensconced within the enveloping folds of your velvet couch while staring at your gallery wall—complete with a faux taxidermy deer head, of course.

    But never forget the ’70s—or the ’50s, or any decade you find garish. No one was plastering their homes with a veritable Crayola box of colors in the ’80s as an intentionaleffort to look ridiculous. It was cool!

    Alas, it’s time for us to reflect upon the year’s most-favored home design trends and take a good, hard look at what should stay and what should go with the final days of 2015.

    Rest assured, we’re not calling (most of) these trends tacky. Every single one has been lauded by interior-design magazines and obsessed over on Pinterest. Done correctly, most of them are beautiful, tasteful and elegant.

    But they’re all so … tired. They’ve had their time to shine. As a new year approaches, let’s put these 10 design trends aside and try something new.


    1. Swiss crosses

    Been there, done that. We’re ready to cross this design trend off our list.

    swiss crosses

    This minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired pattern looks good on a quilt, throw pillow, or shower curtain, but it may be time to give this simplistic design a break. The fad may not have run its course yet, but it spent the last year permeating Pinterest, so it’ll be on its merry way soon. And what’s worse than being the last one to arrive at a party? (Plenty, actually.)

    2. Black and white spaces

    No gray area here. We’re tired of this colorless look!



    Another Scandinavian import, white rooms with black accents—or, rarely, the other way around—are certainly chic. A simple take on class and style. But isn’t it time for some color? There’s no need to paint your walls yet if you’re still digging the trend, but adding some royal blue throw pillows or a pink chair will give some 2016-style oomph to your definably 2015 room.

    3. Mixed metals

    The only gold and silver we want to see mixed together is in our bank accounts.

    Z Gallerie

    mixed metals

    “Anybody who mixes metals besides Rolex is an idiot, and maybe Rolex is an idiot, too,”Scott Dresner of Chicago’s Dresner Design told me when I interviewed him aboutkitchen trends designers hate. While his statement might be broad, chances are good you’ll look back on 2015 with the same attitude. Enough with combining silver and bronze; consistency is its own reward.

    4. Industrial chic

    Industrial chic? More like “industrial cheap”!

    Studio Cuvier

    industrial chic

    There’s nothing wrong with adding some industrial touches to your home. (I may or may not be writing this from an industrial-inspired dining chair.) But loft-style decor is so trendy. You’ll probably think back on it like you do the mullet: Cool in small doses, but generally used incorrectly.

    5. Driftwood

    This is one design trend we’re hoping will just drift away…


    This is one design trend we're hoping will just drift away...

    Last year, we said good riddance to rustic-inspired, wood-pallet decorating—only to find driftwood rising in its stead. Chances are you didn’t go down to the beach and select that driftwood yourself (and if you did, seriously, bravo). Unless you live on the coast, your driftwood accents will look out of place once the fad dies down, so it might be time to start hunting for a replacement.

    6. Rich velvets

    We love this look, but we’re afraid it’s time for velvet to go underground for a bit.

    West Elm

    velvet decor

    Bold, velvet chairs and couches should never, ever go out of style. Unfortunately, the design world is defined by shifting trends and endless change, and eventually these gorgeous, rich, velvet fabrics will be unfashionable yet again. Savor them while you can. In the future, we’ll all look back at 2015 as a high point of royal glamour.


    7. Chintz

    BYE, already!

    Floral patterns have been attempting a comeback for several years, but it’s time to let them wilt on the vine. Sure, the current interpretation is thoroughly modern, often combining large-scale designs with sleek, contemporary furniture; but as a society, it’s time to say no. No, chintz, your comeback is not nigh. Go away.

    8. Open shelving

    We’d love to tuck away this design trend for a while. Oh wait, we can’t!



    The debate over open shelving has raged on for a few years now, but 2015 is the year we drew lines in the sand. Some open-shelving fanatics seem to be tip-toeing quietly back,complaining of dust and grease splatter. (We told you!) Come back to the side of cabinet doors and cleanliness, friends. Let’s leave those dirty open shelves in the past.

    9. Faux deer heads

    faux deer head


    For some reason, when designers tell homeowners they need to add something three-dimensional to their gallery wall, everyone leaps toward fake antlers. Whether you choosecardboard or white resin, it’s time for these eerie oddities to go the way of chevron decorations and cheap wood panelling.

    10. Explanatory walls

    Does America really need this many reminders to eat?

    Does America really need this many reminders to eat?

    The writing’s on the wall: Stop putting writing on your walls. You don’t need to stick the word “family” in the middle of your gallery wall—we know. And believe it or not, most guests will understand that a kitchen is for “EAT”ing without enormous metal letters stating as such. Let your guests determine each room’s intentions without spelling it out for them—literally.


    By:  Jamie Wiebe

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